Music isn’t really about melodies, notes or lyrics.  Sure, those are an important part of the songs.  For some people, they might even be the most important parts.  But music has this remarkable ability to transport you from wherever you are to wherever you first noticed a song.

You could be cleaning the kitchen and suddenly transported back to the dance floor of a wedding, ready to rock the best you can in a white dress.

Or sitting at a computer in the dead of winter, and sent back to a summer campfire, watching the sparks fly.

You might be driving home from work, and find yourself back in your aunt and uncle’s living room, sneaking off to play in the attic.

A misplaced Christmas tune could send you from sunny fall to a frozen lake past midnight.

You might be alone in universe, yet surrounded by a thousand concert goers screaming the same lyrics.

Or you might even end up back in your parent’s basement with kool-aid jammers, sleeping bags and your best friends.

Lava lamps are still good.