Welcome to the About page!  Presumably you’ve stumbled this way to learn more about this site you’re on.  If you’d like to learn about a different website, you’re at the wrong place.  This is a blog devoted to short stories and fiction writings that I’ve done.

Questions that I suspect some people might ask:

Where do you come up with such bizarre story lines?

Almost every story here, whether they be a continuing story or a short one-off, is based on a post from http://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/ .  I normally don’t include the specific prompt for the story with the post, since I’d rather work in the prompt naturally.  That means that sometimes, the posts here are slightly (or sometimes drastically) rewritten from what I submitted to reddit.  Many of the prompts posted there are elaborate what-ifs.  Some of the stories are based off images, but unless I can source the image properly, I generally won’t include that with the story either.

Hey!  I resemble that character!

I tend to shamelessly steal names from friends and family, and sometimes also include one or two similar characteristics.  If it’s your name, please don’t take anything the character may have done or said as a personal critique, I just thought you had a cool name.  The real reason I do this is simple; I am terrible at coming up with names.   I can spend an hour just trying to find the right name for a character and never get any story written, so instead I force myself to use the first name I considered for a character.  Turns out, that’s often the names of people I know.

I loved ____ story!  When are you going to continue it?

Most of the stories I post here are meant to be stand alone, and likely won’t be continued.  This especially applies to anything under the “Odds and Ends” category, stories with their own category will be continued when inspiration strikes again.  But if you really enjoyed a story and want it to be continued, let me know!  I’m almost always happy to continue a story if I know someone wants a part 2, I just need to know where to focus my energies.

I found a mistake!

I don’t generally edit these stories much between writing and publishing, so there’s bound to be mistakes that slip by.  Feel free to leave a comment if you find a mistake and I’ll fix it soon.

Other Comments/Questions:

Loved a story?  Don’t get a character’s motivations?  Leave a comment!  I love comments.

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