I’ve always wondered if it was possible to just opt out of society. We have all these rules in place, from federal law right down to social etiquette, telling us how to act, what to pay, and what we can and cannot not do. Practically inescapable in this era, really, but these laws were really a recent thing.

Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world, and yet we’re also extremely under-populated. I’ve heard once you get far enough north, you stop even having roads to travel on, and you need planes to get to the towns. The idea fascinates me, that there might just be an edge to the “civilized” world. The backup plan has always been to go find that edge and just start walking.

It shouldn’t take much to start from scratch. If you don’t have bills, you don’t need a job. Money is only good if other people have what you need. A good spot away from prying eyes and it can’t be that hard to build a shelter and grow a garden. All it needs is time.

Really, the whole plan comes down to time. And money, but the two are really interchangeable. Society has built this strange catch 22 for us all. We have a thousand ways to save time, but they all cost money. The only way to get money is to have a job, so that in the end, you’re spending all your money to save time, and spending all your time to make money.

The rest of the world can keep it’s imaginary numbers and squares of coloured paper. I’ll pay for my goods in hours and minutes.