The First time he saw him
His smile caught his eye,
Thin lips and a crooked grin.
In that classroom filled with grim.

From the back of the hall
Filled with students and books
The smile pierced the distance
Like the red of his car in a grey winter rain.

But it vanished in the lecture
Behind numbers and letters.
And he lost it somewhere
Behind the waves of other people.


The Second occasion
Was a time for celebrating.
He was at a birthday party,
With no expectations.

When he sighted the boy
Across the fuss and the glitter,
His heart took a dive,
As he posted to Twitter.

He begged his friend
For a quick introduction,
But the ways to romance
Fell flat to talk of the weather.


The Third time was better
Though the boy wasn’t there
Just two girls talking
About the shine of his hair.

He was just barely listening
Dreaming of the slopes
But the words that they said
Raised a glimmer of hope.

“He’s gay.” she whispered,
Crushing her friend.
But his heart went awhirl
With thoughts of the future.


The fourth time they met
Was his favourite time yet.
A chance interaction
At a soccer ball tournament.

His team scored the goal,
straight in for the win
In the chaos that followed
He just caught that grin.

He pushed through the crowd
Heedless of the cheer
Until he stood by the boy
His face flushed to the ears.

“I heard a rumour.”
He heard himself say.
“I heard one too.”
Came the wanted reply.

“Perhaps after this scene,
We might get a drink?”
The crowd parted, it seemed
As if afraid to invade.

“I’d like that, I think.”
Said the boy with the grin
“Now go celebrate, dink,
You just won the game!”