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“Mom, I just don’t understand! Why won’t you go on ReNu?” Chris gave his mother what he hoped was a hard stare as she sat on her couch. “All the studies say it’s safe, and it would cure the cancer. And then the kids would always have their Granny.”

Jenny looked away from her son and his wife, and away from the colourful pamphlets spread out on the coffee table. Live Forever! was plastered on each, and the happy sun-shaped logo stared at her as harshly as her son. She directed her gaze towards the window instead, and the fluffy pink and white blooms that filled it.

“Will you bring in some lilacs, Deliah?” she asked suddenly, “That stubborn bush is getting overgrown about the window.”

“Sure, Mrs. Poule,” she said, getting up from beside Chris. She gave her husband a slight squeeze on the shoulder before heading outside. Jenny gave her a smile and turned back to her son as the door squealed shut.

“Chris… Honey… I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be immortal.”

“But-” She cut him off with a wave.

“I don’t. I know, they’re saying that everyone can be immortal these days, but I don’t want to live forever. One day, Honey, I plan on dying and seeing Heaven.”

Chris snorted, “How can you be so sure there is a Heaven?”

“I can’t be,” his mother said. “But I have faith there’s something up there waiting for me.”

The door shrieked again as Deliah entered the house with an armful of lilacs, interrupting any further protests. Jenny quickly bustled over to her, leaving Chris behind with his pamphlets.

“Oh thank you, Darling!” Jenny said, taking a deep breath of the sweet scent. “Let me help you get these in a vase.” She swept up a handful of the flowers and lead the way to the kitchen, Chris watching his mother and wife. Jenny filled the vase full of water and flowers before returning to sweep aside pamphlets to make room for her handiwork.

“Much better,” she said with a contented smile. “Lilacs always were your father’s favourite.”