Glen quickly walked into the house, with one hand behind his back, and walked over to where his wife sat.

“Where’s Amy?” He asked, struggling to sound cheerful. His wife, Ariel, looked up from her book curiously.

“Mr. Lizak is looking after her. I think she’s playing cops and robbers with his grandson in their backyard. What’s wrong?” John pulled a sad, destroyed teddy bear out from behind his back.

“I ran over Mr Wiggles with the lawnmower.” His wife gasped, staring at the massive tear in the little brown bear. “Can you fix him?” She took the tattered bear from his hands, sliding her hand through the rip.

“Maybe… But I’m going to need some more stuffing. You run out and get that, I’m going to get my sewing kit.”

Glen slipped into the neighbour’s backyard, looking for the elderly Mr Lizak, when he got tackled mid waist by a fierce hug.

“Daddy!” The girl exclaimed, “Are you here to play with us? Cause I think I forgot Mr Wiggles at home and Robbie said we would go over and get him soon and…”

“I’ll go get him, Honey.” Glen interrupted, “Do you know where you left him?” Her face scrunched up beneath her pigtails.

“I was having a tea party with him outside when you said you needed to mow the lawn, he must still be out there!” Glen nodded seriously.

“You should be more careful with him, you wouldn’t want to leave him in the lawn. Something might happen to him.” The girl’s face crumbled at the thought and her dad quickly put on a smile. “Don’t worry, Honey, go play with Robbie.”

The girls face brightened as she ran off after the boy, wielding her toy gun widely. Glen watched her as he walked over to Mr Lizak, asking him to keep her distracted for a bit.

A few hours later, Glen and his family sat on their backyard porch with Mr Lizak and Robbie, eating ice cream as they looked out onto the freshly mowed lawn. Amy happily snuggled Mr Wiggles as Glen and Ariel shared a co-conspiring smile. It was the perfect crime, except-

“Daddy? Why does Mr Wiggles have this line on his chest now?”