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Dawn awoke to a new day with a groan.  She didn’t want to open her eyes, didn’t want to see what new terrors the day would bring.  At the third call from her mom, she threw the sheets off in one go, quickly rushing past the mirror in her room.  A familiar face peeked around the jacket covering the mirror, red eyes cackling as she hurried away.  But she couldn’t avoid the demon in the bathroom, staring out of the mirror at her puffy red eyes, her limp, frizzy hair, poking fun at the new zits that sprung out on her face.  She tried to ignore the jabs at her weight and ugly nose, but somehow the demon knew just where to stab, and just where to twist.

The words followed her as she walked to school alone.  Loser.  Ugly.  Idiot.  She stared at the ground, willing herself to stop believing the words that echoed in her head.  She’d been trying for weeks to make the demon shut up or go away.  Anything to just stop the relentless insults.  She was so intent on the ground, she almost didn’t hear the small voice behind her.

“I like your hair.”  Dawn stopped in her steps, pivoting quickly to see the source of the sound.  A small feathery winged fairy fluttered in the air behind her.  She stared at the tiny creature for a moment, unsure how to respond.  “You look really good with that hair style,” the fairy continued.

“Uh…  Thanks.”  Dawn sputtered, still in shocked.  The fairy fluttered up to eye level with the girl, then pointed at Dawn’s shoulder.

“Do you mind if I sit down for a moment?  I’ve been looking for a new client all over town and my wings are exhausted!”  Dawn quickly nodded and the fairy settled down on shoulder like she’d been there all along.

“Umm…  Mrs. Fairy…  What do you mean, a new client?”  The fairy laughed.

“Call me Lynda, Gorgeous.  I’m freshly graduated, you see, so I need to find a job.  Preferably an advisory one, since that was really my speciality, but I swear everyone seems to be too busy to listen these days.  I even saw one guy walking around with two demons, and he barely even turned around when I said hi!  I mean, everyone knows you shouldn’t listen to those guys…”

Dawn smiled as the little fairy chattered the whole way to school and through the day.  The demon following Dawn didn’t seem so bad anymore.