I’ve had this writing blog for a few weeks now, so it seems like a good time to start formally organizing some details.  First up, I’ve started actually naming some of the ongoing stories I have, under their Category title.  Which means that TropeDay is now chilling under the new title, “Drums of War”.  I’ll probably go back and change older posts to match this title.  In the same vein, “Witching Time” is now also an ongoing story, though I’m not sure how regularly the updates will come.

Secondly, I’ve managed to actually create a buffer for the TropeDay/Drums of War story.  Which means that I’m going to actually set this one aside to regularly update.  Officially, I’m making Trope Day update on Tuesdays at midnight, but since there was already a story posted earlier, this week it’ll actually update tomorrow at midnight (In about 5 hours).  I’ll probably also stop adding commentary to the end of the stories as well.

Still trying to think up a better name for “A Pokemon Story”, but that’s another basket of worms.  I’ve also added the “Odds and Ends” category for stories that are unlikely to be continued.  It’s worth noting though, most of my stories become ongoing when someone tells me they want to hear more.  So if you’re disappointed that something is categorized “Odds and Ends”, well, let me know.