“Good moning, Mr Clinton! There’s some nice men here with latest poll results!” The secretary buzzed over the intercom. Clinton buzzed back.
“Good news or bad news?”
“Zzt- They said a bit of both, sir.” Clinton sighed and poured a bit more vodka into his morning coffee from a well hidden flask.
“Send them in, Monica.” He buzzed back. Monica came in a few seconds later, her brown hair tied back in a loose bun, wearing a tight sweater. His eyes lingered a moment before turning to look at the two men following her, both carrying a tightly rolled poster.

“Hello, Mr President.” The first one began, “We’ve accumulated the latest poll results regarding how satisfied the voters are with their president, and, well, the results are not that good. Would you like to see the graph?” Clinton nodded, sipping his coffee as he watched Monica help them set up the graph. The chart indeed did not look promising.

“Only 22%? That’s terrible!” He enthused, “I’ll have to get my marketing committee on this at once!” He turned to Monica, about to make a request when the second man spoke up.
“Sir, I’m Zach, the newest member of the marketing committee, and we’ve already been working on this problem.” Clinton turned to him.
“Good, what have you got?”
“Well sir, while you’re popular amongst the older crowd, it seems the predominant opinion among the young voters crowd is that, pardon my bluntness, too old and boring. We’ve been looking into what appeals to the young voters demographic, and we think we’ve created the perfect advert to boost your popularity.” The young man smiled at Monica as she helped him unroll his poster.

Clinton frowned slightly, then looked at the poster. It took his breath away.  It was him, only far more handsome, backdropped against the American flag, an automatic gun in each hand with the Statue of Liberty in the war-torn background.  It looked like a movie poster for an up-and-coming action blockbuster.
“I… It’s… Zach, what am I looking at?”

“Exciting, isn’t it?” The young man enthused. “We wanted to establish you as a proper American action hero, fighting for liberty and the American ideal! We also worked in some other things popular with the young crowd, as seen here and here.” He gestured towards the iconic golden arches, broken in the background, and the crocodile crawling at his feet. Clinton nodded, his eyes drawn to the shapely dark haired woman in a short grey dress, clinging to his leg in the poster.

“And who’s that? Why didn’t you include Hillary?” Zach looked a little sheepish.
“Well sir, you see, sex appeal helps generate interest, and Hillary just wasn’t appealing to the young crowd. The marketing committee decided to use someone younger for the advert.”
“I see.” Clinton said, sipping his coffee. “I’ll have to think about this, son. You can go now, I’ll let you know in a bit.” The two men thanked him, and hurried to clear the two posters and leave his office.

As the three left the office, Clinton spoke up again. “Monica, could you hold back a bit? I’d like your help to ah, clean up a bit.”